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Connection & Healing.                                               

I am eternally grateful for you Juliet! Listening to you again this morning on my drive to bootcamp and back. You are literally like my guiding angel. Its blowing my mind the things you told me, and I thought I knew what it meant and where it was heading, has now changed as it all comes out. Im not forcing any thing. It is a natural progression upward. It’s exciting! I am more courageous than I have ever been, gaining more every day.  
Dee Robertson. Darwin. Australia


Would you like to …

  • Move past your ‘Stuff’ once and for all and not look back?      
  • Have the Access and Know that what you hear or feel is Truth.
  • Flow from Floundering into Flourishing?
  • Move from BreakDOWN into BREAKThrough
  • Stride out of STRESS into Streaming Strength?                                          
  • Bust out of Contracted Gridlock into EXPANSION?
  • Move from CRAZY thoughts to CLARITY plus?
  • Experience  your true Spiritual Posture?

I function as a SPIRITUAL BODY TRAINER, by taking you through an energetic process that relieves the causes of stress within you, Unwinding your Soul to the CORE. Leaving you more clear and feeling freer to walk forward into your life. Enabling you to get on with, a more purposeful life.

I AM privileged to be used as a sensitive, a Spiritual Midwife, an instrument to guide and direct your inner being to find it’s True North, it’s Divine GPS capability … thereby allowing more direct connection to the deeper heart.

I work Safely. I translate & seamlessly decode the language of light, assisting the soul along the spiritual birth canal, addressing negative, sabotaging, age old issues entrapping & inhibiting your inner being. I enable your inner being to be freed up. I assist the flame in the heart to burn with greater vigor, delivering ‘The ULTIMATE SOUL DETOX’.

I give Techniques & Tools to my clients so that they can further themselves at home and in their own practice. I truly wish to empower my clients.      Click on the link below to book your time with Juliet


I am an Intuitive Astrologer. I work with the Evolutionary Astrology medium, and also bring some Esoteric and Transpersonal Astrology to the table. Please check out my Astrology page up on the menu bar 🙂

Natal, Transit & Progression Readings are  available by me. Click on the link below to book your appointment with Juliet.



Om Mane Padme Hum

A few BENEFITS of my work are …

Feel incredible space in your field.

Ability to FOCUS under chaos & duress,

To be relieved of STRESS.

Experience JOY and HAPPINESS,

Feel PURPOSE-FUL in Life,

Feel much Greater CLARITY and ability to set goals and

accomplish them; a clear mind,

Really FEEL your direction ahead, ‘whether it be a Yes or a No’

Feel a sense of CALM and Stillness … achieve that routinely throughout your day,

Be FREE of Psychic Interference, and crazy thinking THOUGHTS.

Think clearly, together with a sharp focus instead of a foggy brain.

Release the SABOTAGE.               Navigate through life & make big decisions confidently,

Communicate successfully with your INNER VOICE,   Create and MANIFEST what you want …

And, at the end of the day … LOVE IS ALWAYS THE KEY.

One thought on “Home”

  1. “My lifetime spiritual quest has led me to many healers who have all been gifted and helpful. However, Juliet has been over the top, as she has the ability to take one to the very depths of the glitches, twist and turns of the soul’s journey.
    My life has become easy, happy and at peace due to Juliet’s guidance into the mystery. Her compassion and gentle way of being, makes going into darkness and bringing myself back to the light, a healing, grand, as well as a safe, adventure.

    A Teacher extraordinaire, Juliet models tools in a seamless, practical and beautiful way that one can use to continue their journey no matter what may come in future years. I am truly blessed to have experienced Juliet’s Self-Mastery School and her beautiful presence”.
    Jan Sneider-Brown. Ashland, Oregon

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